We send our Region 12 members a monthly eblast with info about upcoming shows and other news of the region. If you'd like to have your update included, please send the information (photos appreciated!) by the 1st of the month to communications.coord@sairegion12.org.


In addition to our eblasts, we make a longer publication three times a year called the Stroke of 12.


Please send us your stories - chorus shows, quartet successes, membership drives, fund raising programs, stories about your life as a Sweet Adeline. We will include them all! We love photos, too!


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Publishing schedule for the Stroke of 12:

January Stroke of 12 (before AIM weekend) (DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 30th)

February eBlast (DEADLINE IS Feb 1)

March eBlast (DEADLINE is Mar 1)

April eBlast (DEADLINE is Apr 1)

June Stroke of 12 (after regional convention) (DEADLINE IS MAY 20th)

July eBlast (DEADLINE is Jul 1)

August eBlast (DEADLINE is Aug 1)

September eBlast (DEADLINE is Sep 1)

October  Stroke of 12 (after the Pep Rally/AIM weekend) (DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 20th)

November eBlast (DEADLINE is Nov 1)

December eBlast (DEADLINE is Dec 1)



Past news:




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July Stroke of Twelve

August eBlast

September eBlast

October Stroke of Twelve

November eBlast

December eBlast



Do you have a talent for writing or journalism? Are you a shutterbug? Do you like scrapbooking and putting together images and words? Do you want to learn more about electronic communication? If you answered “yes” (or even “maybe”) to any of these questions, please contact LaDonna Hulcy at communications.coord@sairegion12.org.


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