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Pacific Shores Region 12
Summary of Education Programs

Effective January 16, 2019

Adventures in Music (AIM) Weekends

Members of Region 12 gather three times a year to reconnect, attend classes, celebrate each other, and SING! All members are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of these AIM weekends:

Winter AIM

  • 4th weekend of January
  • Friday night thru Sunday afternoon
  • Sacramento, CA

Summer AIM

  • 3rd weekend in July
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Eugene, OR

Fall AIM

  • 3rd weekend in September*
  • Friday night thru Sunday afternoon
  • Sacramento, CA

*Note that these dates may be changed to accommodate International Convention dates, as we’re doing in 2019. In 2019 ONLY, our Fall AIM will be the 3rd weekend in August.

At each AIM weekend, Region 12 provides top notch education provided by an International Faculty member and/or Regional Faculty members.

Each AIM weekend also features a unique type of Saturday evening entertainment.

  • At Winter AIM we feature novice quartets, double quartets, and YWIH quartets in a performance parade that simulates an actual contest, including confidential feedback.
  • At Summer AIM we feature tag singing, quartetting, and games.
  • At Fall AIM we send off our International competitors (chorus(es) and quartet(s)) with a giant Pep Rally in their honor!

Region 12 members receive high quality education in a variety of topics over the course of a year:

  • Singing technique – Vocal production is the heart of what we do, and we never go long without a class to remind us, or teach us something new. Even if you’ve been around “forever,” try them out and come away with a fresh appreciation for how difficult barbershop is to do beautifully!
  • Conducting skills – Learn Arm Waving classes are held at the Winter and Summer AIM weekends each year. Directors, assistant directors, and section leaders get coaching and can try out new skills in a safe environment. And singers benefit greatly by observing and following different conducting styles. Four levels of skill allow everyone to experience the fun at their own pace.
  • Quartet fun – Classes for everyone from beginners and “wanna-be’s” to experienced quartetters, taught by Regional faculty, experienced Circle 12 members, and International faculty. Mix and match fun, tag singing, and lots of “how-to” and “how not-to” do it.
  • Performance skills – Choreographers and visual leaders need feeding too! We’ll have classes to help you organize your time, imagineer your vision, develop a support staff, and stay connected to the music and the director’s vision, too.
  • Musical Leaders training – Assistant Directors and Section Leaders have classes intended specifically to address your needs. Besides arm-waving, what else can you do to assist your director and to lead your section singers forward?
  • Young Women in Harmony – Winter AIM has a whole day of classes just for young women 13-25! Taught by a top regional quartet with many assistants, the young women end with a performance for a most appreciative Region 12 audience!
  • Arranger education – Both experienced arrangers and those just getting started will find information and class experiences to boost their skills and help with the art and science of arranging in the barbershop style. Whether you’re trying to fix a problem spot in your chorus or quartet music, or you really want to create something brand new to sing, you’ll learn something!
  • Music theory and reading music – For those who are hungry to understand the spots on the page and how they translate into the gorgeous songs we sing! There’s so much to be gained by knowing a little bit more about what you see on paper.
  • Administrative education – The singing we do is the ice cream in the middle of the cone, but we still need to have a strong, well-constructed cone wrapped around it, to thrive. Classes in communication skills, lunch forums for “birds of a feather,” discussions to help with membership growth, etc. all contribute to our choruses being better and stronger administratively.
  • Regional Faculty training – Region 12 has a great regional coaching faculty and teaching faculty, all eager to continue learning and improving their skills to better assist others within the region. International faculty classes and Regional faculty discussions are held regularly to keep the teaching and coaching quality high!


Mt. Harmony Camp

Region 12 also sponsors a weekend away in the Redwoods for girls ages 13-25 with Sweet Adeline faculty and staff to support, encourage, and teach them all about barbershop. This program is usually offered the weekend before Thanksgiving each November, starting on a Friday night and ending with a performance for friends and families on Sunday morning. Region 12 members are encouraged to participate as camp counselors and join in the fun of seeing our next generation of singers blossom before their eyes.


Fees, on-line registration, directions, and other information will be posted on the Regional website. Questions? Comments? Contact Regional Education Coordinator Julie Starr.

Region 12 has a robust offering of skills training and musical education to offer to all members of the region. No matter what your interest is, we've got classes and workshops to cater to your needs - arrangers, directors, musical leaders, quartetters, choreographers, administrative leaders, regional faculty, you name it!
We have consolidated our offerings into three weekends a year:
  • January AIM weekend (the last weekend of January) - Sacramento, California
  • Oregon Days weekend (the last weekend of July) - Eugene, Oregon
  • September AIM weekend (the third weekend of September) - Sacramento, California
(Note that these dates MAY be adjusted when International or Regional competitions move drastically.)
In addition, Region 12 offers a weekend of education and fun for young singers ages 13-25, amidst the Redwoods:
  • Mountain Harmony Camp weekend (weekend before Thanksgiving) - Occidental, California.
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