A.R.T. - Arrangers School


A.R.T. (Arrangers of Region Twelve) School is a gathering of budding barbershop arrangers who meet annually to polish skills, share insights, and make beautiful music together (literally!).

Sweet Adelines are always hungry for more music, but arranging a good, singable piece of music is no easy task. For the music geeks among us who don't feel complete until the chord resolves, the work of arranging is a fun challenge.

Most arranging is done alone, because it is the product of a single arranger's mind. In A.R.T. school we've found a way to share our thoughts and experiment with different viewpoints, learning from each other and taking home new skills to apply during the rest of the year. You'll also come away from A.R.T. school with feedback on arrangements you have in process, guidance on how to get past trouble spots, and the heartening realization that you are not alone, after all!

What do you need, to come to A.R.T. school?

- A basic knowledge of music theory - you can identify notes and chords
- A copy of "The Arranger's Guide" available from Sweet  Adelines International
- A portable keyboard with headphones (so multiple people can be playing at the same time without disturbing each other)
- A willingness to learn, laugh, and experiment with others who share your passion for barbershop music

We also recommend that anyone seriously interested in arranging invest in music transcription software, such as Finale or PrintMusic.

Want to know more? Contact Chris Jacobs, Dean of A.R.T. School.

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