Fall AIM 2020 w/ Terese Antonini

Fall AIM 2020 w/ Terese Antonini
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Date Posted: Sat, Sep 12 2020
If you signed up for these classes and would like to review them links will be sent out once they are loaded to YouTube.

Today our classes: 

Please see the schedule of classes below, as well as the bio for Therese Antonini:

Saturday, September 12th- "Emotional Intelligence" (9:00-10:15 a.m.) Therese Antonini 
The quality of relationships is core to our experience with other people. This class is designed to provide insight into the factors that help us establish and maintain strong and healthy relationships. Exercises are included to allow participants to determine their EI (emotional intelligence) strengths and areas for improvement and to explore tools for self-development.

Saturday, September 12th"What Did You Just Say to Me? The Power of Words" (10:45-12:00 p.m.) Therese Antonini 
This class will bust the myth of the old ‘Sticks and Stones’ rhyme, and will explore some of the neuroscience behind why words have so much power. Participants will play with words to help discover techniques to help get our true message across and achieve better outcomes from our conversations. A discussion about the role of social media in communication will be included.

Saturday, September 12th- "Working Toward Performance During a Pandemic" (1:00-2:00 p.m.)
 Angela Suraci 
While we won't be able to perform or rehearse, live right now that doesn't mean we won't be doing it in the future. And just because we can't perform in front of a live audience right now, doesn't mean we can't perform FOR live audiences. We're going to explore having the luxury of planning and preparing for future live performances while simultaneously preparing for virtual performances of all types.  

Saturday, September 12th- "Music Category: It Ain't No Mystery!" (2:30-3:30 p.m.) Sharon Carlson
Understanding and simplifying the category from the inside out. We will do a Q/A portion to answer your questions about score sheets, charts you're considering (submit ahead of time for sharing, if you wish), how to get the best score in this category, and choosing music that makes you shine.  

This weekend's faculty: 
Therese Antonini, President-elect on the International Board of Directors for Sweet Adelines International. There will also be classes given by our fantastic regional faculty members Sharon Carlson (Master Director, Song of Sonoma Chorus), and Angela Suraci (Master Director, Mission Valley Chorus). 

***PLEASE NOTE: All Fall AIM classes will be conducted in Pacific Daylight Time Zone (PDT). 

Thérèse Antonini is a 28-year member of Sweet Adelines International (SA). Her membership has spanned five regions, eight choruses and Chapter-at-Large, and included a short stint as director for a prospective chorus. She has served in a wide variety of administrative roles, from Chorus administration to Regional Management Team (RMT) involvement to her current position as President-elect on the International Board of Directors (IBOD). She is a certified adult educator and finds working with Sweet Adeline learners especially rewarding. She makes her home in Toronto, Canada and sings with North Metro Chorus.

There will be a registration fee of $15 for Region 12 adult members, $20 for non-Region 12 members, and $10 for youth (under 26 years of age). The registration fee will give access for both weekends of classes. Classes will be presented in a Zoom Webinar format. Attendees will receive login information upon registration. 

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