Sisters In A Chord double quartet

Hayward, CA, California

Sisters In A Chord double quartet
Sisters In A Chord ensemble formed in 2012 with the goal of learning and improving performance skills. Along the way the Sisters have built their skills and have formed strong friendships. Sisters In A Chord perform with the chorus, in talent shows and for private events. For more information about Sisters In A Chord, please contact: Sharon Reyes 510-397-1920.
Sisters In A Chord double quartet members...
Lead:Carla Gomes
Sharon Reyes
Debbie Stanley+
Bass:Coni Donnelly
Linda Fellers
Baritone:Harriett Feltman
Suzie Gillen
Tenor:Carolyn Mariconi
Shari Tardiveau
Chapter: Harmony Fusion Chapter of SAI
Area of operation: Hayward, CA
State: CA