Young Women in Harmony

The Young Women in Harmony program is looking forward to a year filled with wonderful activities to help young singers experience the fun and joy to be found in four part a cappella singing. We have plans for several events throughout the year.

Workshops are generally held in January each year. Last year a record number of young women attended. We had 70 girls from the ages of 11 to 25. Under the direction of Angela Borba (tenor, Taylor Made) and Dixie Tirre (River Lights Chorus) they learned and performed two pieces. The directors were ably supported by teaching quartets: Ignite and Fourtunate, and coaches Angela Suraci and Pam Johnson and the girls had a great day.

Many of them attended our next event, the first annual quartet forum held during our last AIM. Thirty girls, many of them already singing in a quartet, came to learn several tags and then with the help of our great teaching staff, mixed and matched quartet members. Some girls even found three others with whom to form new groups. During a lunch of pizza and salad, the girls were entertained by LoveNotes and then had a chance to ask questions about the quartet experience and even sing tags with our very gracious and talented champions.

Our next event will be an all day quartet coaching event for those girls from the previous program that might be currently singing in a quartet and would like some one on one coaching in each of the judging categories. Our hope is that they will want to enter our Sweet Expectations contest in January and will be well prepared for it. We will hold our annual YWIH workshop during our January AIM.