RMT Meeting

5:00 pm, Sun, Jan 10 2021

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  • Type of event: Meeting
    Description: RMT Meeting
    Visit from JD Crowe - per email received by COC 12-6-2020

    Hope you and all of Region 12 is doing well.
    International Board members so enjoyed meeting with their respective Regions following our June Board meeting that it was decided this should be an ongoing occurrence! As suggested by many, it was also decided that each board member would keep the regions assigned in June to provide some consistency and to allow us to get to know one another better.

    To that end, I am reaching out to see if you have an upcoming meeting that I could pop into for a visit. The format is loose and you can provide me with questions in advance if you wish so that I can come prepared to answer them in zoom person! 

    RMT: Log-in information can be found on the RMT CT webpage: https://www.sairegion12.org/dbpage.php?pg=view&dbase=committees&id=1625

    Members are welcome please contact Birit Andersen for login information: team.coord@sairegion12.org