Region 12 Virtual Celebration

Fri, Apr 30 2021 to Sat, May 1 2021

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    Description: Region 12 Virtual Celebration


    Here is the link to our youtube channel, where you will find the live events:

    To download the program of events: click here


    Holding the Celebration on YouTube has several advantages:

    • You don’t have to register – you just have to click on the link that will be sent out later.

    • You can join in the chatroom and visit with your friends from other choruses.

    • You can use the pause button and have as many intermissions as you want.

    • You can watch the Celebration at a later time if you can’t make the premiere.


    We are so glad you are participating in our Regional Celebration!  Your unique submission will be a delight for everyone and a memory for years to come!

    Below you will find the process for your submissions this year.  We're taking these extra steps to make absolutely sure your contribution to our Regional celebration is not overlooked.  We received around 100 emails for the 2020 event and believe this new process will be an improvement for those of us assembling the final show.

    Quartet / Chorus / Memory Lane Video Submissions:
    Any content that represents your group - - think of it as Open Division - - song, pandemic anecdotes, pictures, cat videos, whatever.  Maximum length 4 minutes.  Format can be any common video format, or PowerPoint, or just a group of photos with a written paragraph and we'll assemble it into a video.   

    Jumbotron Submissions / Memorials:
    PowerPoint, PDF, any picture format.  You can submit text with a photo.  

    If possible please set the page size to 16 by 9, and landscape orientation.   Please do not include very specialized fonts because if we don't have that font, the final product may not look the way you want.  If the specialized font is important, export from PowerPoint to PDF and send us the PDF.

    See link for how to submit.

    Links/Forms/Documents will be added as they become available:
    Bulletin #1
    Bulletin #2 
    Bulletin #3
    Webcast Viewing

    April 30 - May 01, 2020
    Virtual Celebration letter to Quartets 2-9-2021 
    Virtual Celebration letter to Chorus Leaders 2-9-2021

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    Eligibility Requirements
    RCSC Roster (member sign-on required)
    ALL OTHER CONVENTION DOCUMENTS (mostly for committee members to use)

    Expression and Panel Chair: 
    Panel Secretary: 

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    Regional Convention Steering Committee

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