Type of post: News Item
Posted By: Petra "Piet" Chini
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, Mar 12 2020

The following email was sent to the membership on 3-12-2020 at 12:47 pm. Regarding the cancellation of our Regional Convention by SAI. More information will be sent out to the membership as it becomes available.
I am sending this on behalf of Mary Mamer, our Regional Events Coordinator, as she is currently traveling.

As you all know by now, our Regional Convention has been canceled. We know that so many questions are arising out of this cancelation and we want to assure all members that we will handle all of your concerns as quickly as possible.

Mary has been in contact with management at the Nugget, they are aware of our status, and as a result they have canceled all of the reservations that our members have made for competition. Also, if you made a monetary deposit for the hotel, those will be refunded. Please do not call the hotel directly, as they are busy helping us move through this initial process and it will be handled much more expeditiously if we just let it happen. Any other questions or concerns about hotel reservations can be handled in the days ahead after they have a chance to deal with these initial cancelations.

Our Regional Competition Steering Committee, along with the Regional Management Team will be working on how and when any other refunds will be dealt with. As soon as we have a plan forward, we will be notifying all members, however, the soonest that this information might come out is later tomorrow. Again, please help this process move more smoothly and quickly by allowing the information to come to you.

Rest assured, we all share your concerns and we will have information and solutions available to you as soon as possible.

Margy Kiser, CRC on behalf of Mary Mamer, EVC
Sweet Adelines Region 12