Regional Cancellation Update - 3-15-2020

Regional Cancellation Update - 3-15-2020
Type of post: News Item
Posted By: Mary Mamer
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, Mar 15 2020
Update 3-15-2020
Hello to all Region 12 members.  I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves now and over the next couple of weeks. 

I know you are all anxious to know what will happen next.  So am I along with the rest of the RCSC and the RMT members.  All we know right now is that there will be a video contest and it will be optional.  Beyond that we don't have any details. Hopefully, that will be coming soon. I am sure that the judge specialist and the IBOD are working hard at figuring out the details.  They have an enormous task ahead of them.  Once we know what the details are we can start to plan what we need to do to help all of the choruses and quartets make the best of this situation.  Members of the RCSC and the RMT are committed to getting the information to all members as soon as possible. 

Members of the RCSC had a conference call yesterday to look at what has been done so far and what we still need to do.  All of our contracts have been cancelled for the 2020 convention.  These business put themselves out there to help provide the best they can for our convention.  From the people who put up the stage and sound system and the drapes around the stage to the photographer, videographer and webcast people and of course the Nugget, everyone has been understanding and helpful.  We truly are fortunate as I know other regions are still struggling to get out of their contracts.  

One thing that became evident is that Pattie Hitch our Convention Finance Coordinator has not received any orders for All Events Badges as yet.  If you have sent it, Pattie will be returning it to you when it arives. If you have not please hold on to it.  It will be easier for everyone if those funds are held for now.  

I know that I have sent a lot of emails lately and as this situation unfolds I expect those emails will be less and less.  I keep seeing the phrase on Facebook.  Just seems fitting.

    "Keep Calm and Sing On" 

Mary Mamer, Events Coordinator
Sweet Adelines Region 12