Message regarding SAI cancellation of 2021 Spring Regional Convention

Message regarding SAI cancellation of 2021 Spring Regional Convention
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Posted By: Petra "Piet" Chini
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Date Posted: Thu, Sep 24 2020
To all Region 12 Heroes of Harmony
Message from Pacific Shores Region 12

I know that many of you have seen the email from Sweet Adelines International that the 2021 Spring Regional Conventions have been cancelled.  It was sent out via email early this morning.  While it is sad news for us all, it was not unexpected.  We should all be encouraged knowing that our organization’s leaders place the most importance on the health and safety of our members. 

SAI has informed regional management teams that additional information sessions will be held in the coming days. Until then, we have the same information that you do from today’s email. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. 

Our Regional Convention Committee and the RMT will be looking at the possibilities for May of 2021 but at this point we still need more time to evaluate what the possibilities are.

Meanwhile, we have a fantastic AIM weekend starting tomorrow night (Friday, September 25th) and continuing on Saturday.  If you haven’t already registered do so today.  Your registration today will give you access to all of the sessions from September 11th & 12th and those coming up this weekend. 

Continue to smile at everyone with your eyes and spread some cheer to those you are in contact with.  As we continue to wear masks, smiling with your eyes is the only way others know you are smiling.  What good practice for us all.   

Stay strong my friends.  We will gather in song again.   

Mary Mamer, 
Events Coordinator
Pacific Shores Region 12

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