Webcast Viewing 2024

WELCOME to the 2024 Region 12 Webcast.

TO PURCHASE:  Click the player below and follow instructions to Sign Up or Log In.  You'll create a login and password that will allow you to not only watch the LIVE stream but also the replays.  Credit card information is entered below the card picture.  For Paypal you need to click Paypal button, then "BUY".

DISCOUNT:  If you are an early bird purchaser use the discount code you were sent in a separate email.  Be careful to follow the instructions.

Test stream Friday April 19 at 1:30pm Pacific Daylight Time.  Webcast welcome 1:45pm.  Stage welcome 2pm.  Test stream Saturday 12:30pm, Webcast welcome 12:45pm, Stage welcome 1pm.,

AS THE WEBCAST CONTINUES you will be able to chose between the LIVE FEED and the various prerecorded segments.   The recorded segments will be available until midnight May 12.

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