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  • Regional Cancellation Update - 3-15-2020
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Mar 15 2020
    Update 3-15-2020
    Hello to all Region 12 members.  I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves now and over the next couple of weeks. 

    I know you are all anxious to know what will happen next.  So am I along with the rest of the RCSC and the RMT members.  All we know right now is that there will be a video contest and it will be optional.  Beyond that we don't have any details. Hopefully, that will be coming soon. I am sure that the judge specialist and the IBOD are working hard at figuring out the details.  They have an enormous task ahead of them.  Once we know what the details are we can start to plan what we need to do to help all of the choruses and quartets make the best of this situation.  Members of the RCSC and the RMT are committed to getting the information to all members as soon as possible. 

    Members of the RCSC had a conference call yesterday to look at what has been done so far and what we still need to do.  All of our contracts have been cancelled for the 2020 convention.  These business put themselves out there to help provide the best they can for our convention.  From the people who put up the stage and sound system and the drapes around the stage to the photographer, videographer and webcast people and of course the Nugget, everyone has been understanding and helpful.  We truly are fortunate as I know other regions are still struggling to get out of their contracts.  

    One thing that became evident is that Pattie Hitch our Convention Finance Coordinator has not received any orders for All Events Badges as yet.  If you have sent it, Pattie will be returning it to you when it arives. If you have not please hold on to it.  It will be easier for everyone if those funds are held for now.  

    I know that I have sent a lot of emails lately and as this situation unfolds I expect those emails will be less and less.  I keep seeing the phrase on Facebook.  Just seems fitting.

        "Keep Calm and Sing On" 

    Mary Mamer, Events Coordinator
    Sweet Adelines Region 12
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Mar 12 2020

    The following email was sent to the membership on 3-12-2020 at 12:47 pm. Regarding the cancellation of our Regional Convention by SAI. More information will be sent out to the membership as it becomes available.
    I am sending this on behalf of Mary Mamer, our Regional Events Coordinator, as she is currently traveling.

    As you all know by now, our Regional Convention has been canceled. We know that so many questions are arising out of this cancelation and we want to assure all members that we will handle all of your concerns as quickly as possible.

    Mary has been in contact with management at the Nugget, they are aware of our status, and as a result they have canceled all of the reservations that our members have made for competition. Also, if you made a monetary deposit for the hotel, those will be refunded. Please do not call the hotel directly, as they are busy helping us move through this initial process and it will be handled much more expeditiously if we just let it happen. Any other questions or concerns about hotel reservations can be handled in the days ahead after they have a chance to deal with these initial cancelations.

    Our Regional Competition Steering Committee, along with the Regional Management Team will be working on how and when any other refunds will be dealt with. As soon as we have a plan forward, we will be notifying all members, however, the soonest that this information might come out is later tomorrow. Again, please help this process move more smoothly and quickly by allowing the information to come to you.

    Rest assured, we all share your concerns and we will have information and solutions available to you as soon as possible.

    Margy Kiser, CRC on behalf of Mary Mamer, EVC
    Sweet Adelines Region 12

  • Winter AIM - Special Announcement
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jan 21 2020
    Winter AIM - Special Announcement

    Please download and print out your copy of the weekend's schedule. There have been changes from even a week ago! A LIMITED NUMBER of these schedules will be available on site.

    We will print a LIMITED NUMBER of handouts for each class that is providing handouts. Please be sure to check the schedule to find, download, print and bring the handouts you're interested in.

    Weekend Song
    Remember to bring, already learned, your music for the weekend: Sing Me That Song Again.
    You need to be logged in as a Member to access this page:

    There are two half-hour opportunities to review this song before its use in Learn Arm Waving (LAW) School:
    • Once at 5:15 pm Saturday in the Redwood Room
    • Once at 8:30 am Sunday in the Redwood Room
    Learn Arm Waving

    And speaking of LAW school, come and try it, even if you can't stay for the whole day - we need singers and we need people to try out directing! 

    Saturday Morning Coffee and Tea!
    New this year, thanks to the wonderful work of our Events Coordinator, Mary Mamer: No need to stand in line on Saturday morning to get your coffee in the lobby. We will serve coffee and tea at the back of the Grand Ballroom!


    Whether you're in a quartet or just trying to find one, there's something this weekend for all of you. Check the "Audience" column and look for the 4 singers, to find the classes that are specifically targeting quartets. 

    And remember to be there to support the novice quartets and double quartets on Saturday night. This year we have a YWIH Quartet Contest, too!

    YWIH Workshop Day
    Have you encouraged the young women in your life to sign up for the Saturday YWIH workshop day? They'll need to send in some paperwork in advance - check this info page:

    Lots on the menu for arrangers and wanna-bes, this weekend! Check the "Audience" column for classes geared to your interests.

    Chorus and Regional Leaders
    Please come and share your thoughts on the kinds of leadership training we need, either at the chorus level and/or the regional level, with Regional Education Coordinator Julie Starr on Saturday at 10:45.

    Tag Singers
    Regional champs RetroActive will lead you through some of these on Friday night. Download the Regional Tag Book here:

    See you all in Sacramento!!

    Julie Starr, Regional Education Coordinator
    Alison Miller, AIM Coordinator for Education
    Mary Mamer, Regional Events Coordinator
  • Newsletters - Past Issues
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Nov 20 2019
    Newsletters - Past Issues
    Region 12 Newsletters 
    Please check out this month's issues of our newsletter:

  • Contest Candid Photos now available through Read Phtography
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Jun 21 2019
    Contest Candid Photos now available through Read Phtography
    NOW AVAILABLE - Order you pictures online!
  • Region 12 Tag Contest for August 2019 AIM
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Jun 21 2019
    Region 12 Tag Contest for August 2019 AIM
    Region 12 Tag Contest for August 2019 AIM

    Hello Region 12 Arrangers! Welcome to the second Region 12 Tag Arrangement Contest!

    Contest Description:
    Write a Tag for the song “Blue Bayou”. The Tag will be taught to the Region 12 attendees of AIM August 16-18, 2019

    Participant must be a member in good standing of Pacific Shores Region 12 SAI. Open to all -- Novice arrangers are encouraged to participate!

    How to Enter:
    Write a Tag of 8 or more bars using the melody found at the end of the song “Blue Bayou”.

    Tags will be judged based on the creativity and originality of the arrangement, and showing basic knowledge and appropriate use of Barbershop Chords. The arrangement should support the lyric and the mood of the song.

    You may submit one or more tags.

    All Tag Arrangements should be submitted no later than 5 p.m. PST on  August  2, 2019 to:

    Chris Jacobs, Region 12 Arranger Training Coordinator
    Or 10454 Plum Tree Lane, Cupertino, CA 95014

    Submission should include Arranger’s name, email and/or phone number, and Chorus or Region affiliation (if applicable).

    If at all possible, arrangements should be submitted in Finale, Finale PrintMusic or Finale Notepad (free) format. Hardcopy, handwritten, or other format copy will also be accepted, but I claim no responsibility for any resulting transcription errors that might develop during transmission to the judges!

    Each Arranger, by submitting a Tag for the contest, represents and warrants that they are the exclusive creator of the submission and that it is solely their own work. Entries become the joint property of the Arranger and of Region 12. Contest entries will not be returned, and may be used at the discretion of the Education Committee without additional compensation.

    Judging and Announcement of Winner:
    All arrangements will be submitted to the judging panel with identifying information removed. The judging panel will include:

    Julie Starr- Region 12 Education Coordinator; Director, Bay Area Showcase Chorus
    Dede Nibler- Director, Sacramento Valley Chorus;
    Lauren Kahn- Director, Greater Eugene Chorus

    The Winner will be notified on or about August 12.
    The winning Arranger and Tag will be presented on Saturday August 17 and introduced to the Region at AIM. In addition, the winning tag will be introduced to Friday night classes, and copies will be made available to members of the Region throughout the week-end.

    On Friday night, August 16, 2019 at AIM, all participants are invited to attend the Arranger class with Dede Nibler to discuss the submissions and techniques for making stronger arrangements.

    Any questions may be directed to:

    Chris Jacobs
    Region 12 Arranger Training Coordinator
    Or 408-781-5113

    Blus Bayou Tag