Spring Convention May 27-28, 2022


Contest Viewing Info

(yes the video will be available to watch later, after the May 28th live-streaming event)
Program of Event



Registration with SAI began Feb 04, 2022.

Video Contest Dates:

April 30th at Mt Olive Church in Milpitas
May 7th at Eugene Faith Center in Eugene Oregon
May 11th Honolulu Hawaii
May 14th at Center for Spiritual Awareness in Sacramento

Forms/Documents will be added as they become available:
Bulletin #1 - December 14, 2021
Bulletin #2 - February 2022 
Bulletin #3 - April 10, 2022
CC - 1st Memo to Competitors - February
CC - 2nd Memo to Competitors - April
CC - 3rd Memo to Competitors - April 24
Charms Order Form - No Charms this year.
Chorus Competition Entry Form
Chorus Venue Assignments for Video Contest
Competition Checklist Choruses
Competitor Information for Video Contests
Competition Handbook (2021)
Competition Data and Photo Needs for The Pitch Pipe Magazine.
Convention Plans for 2022
Covid Health Statement 2021-10-15
Covid Compliance Spreadsheet - Chorus (as of 2022-03-30) 
Covid Compliance Spreadsheet - Quartet 
Covid Plan 2022-02-15
Criteria for Public Performance
Cue Sheet Open Division (Quartet)
Cue Sheet Open Division (Chorus)
Diagram of Eugene Videotaping Venue 
Diagram of Milpitas Videotaping Venue
Diagram of Sacramento Videotaping Venue
Director FAQs for Video Recording
Entertainment Package Levels 
Evaluating Your Contest Performance
Flat Floor Rehearsal & Makeup Schedule
Guidelines for Preparing a Regional Open Division Package 
How to Register Your Chorus For Competition
Instructions to Self Video Contestants
Jumbotron Ad Form
List of Competing Members Fillable PDF (choruses only) - after downloading the form, right-click and select 'open with Adobe Acrobat Reader'
Meal Order Form - No official meals this year. 
Meals - Letter to Meal Chair
Order of Appearance - Quartets
Order of Appearance - Choruses
Order of Appearance including Venue - Chorus (as of 2022-03-30)
Order of Appearance including Venue - Quartet (as of 2022-03-30)
Photo Order Form - Official photo will be emailed to each chorus contact, they may make their own copies.
Quartet Competitor Page
Quartet Entry Form
Registration (filled out by chorus member & given to your chorus Registration Chair)
Registration CAL (filled out by Chapter-at-large members and sent to CFC)
Registration Dates and Deadlines for R12
Registration Master (excel)
Registration Transmittal Form (filled out by chorus Registration Chair and sent to CFC)
Song Information Sheet
Traffic Pattern Eugene
Traffic Pattern Honolulu
Traffic Pattern Milpitas
Traffic Pattern Sacramento
Video Submission Procedures
Webcast Shoutout
Webcast Viewing - Viewing of the pre-recorded event w/results is scheduled for May 28, 2022

Questions? Contact Joanna Davis at 1983mjdavis@gmail.com

Copyright License
Copyright Matters
Eligibility Requirements
RCSC Roster

Sandy Marron - Sound and Panel Chair
Corina Garriock  - Music
Patti Burklund - Expression
Judy Pozsgay - Visual Communication
Janice McKenna - Panel Secretary